Email & SMS Marketing

A campaign in both email and SMS marketing is a planned set of messages sent to a targeted group of recipients. In email marketing, these messages can be comprehensive, like promotional content, newsletters, or special announcements, while in SMS marketing, they are succinct and often focus on quick updates, promotions, or exclusive offers. Both types of campaigns are manually dispatched to engage and inform your audience about your brand or specific offers.
A flow refers to a series of automated messages triggered by specific customer actions or behaviors in both email and SMS marketing. Email flows might include a sequence of emails for a welcome series, post-purchase follow-ups, or cart abandonment reminders. Similarly, SMS flows could involve immediate confirmation messages or short reminder texts to take action. These automated messages are tailored to provide a personalized experience, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty across both channels.
Signup forms in both email and SMS marketing are tools used to collect contact information from potential subscribers. These forms are strategically placed on websites to gather email addresses for email marketing or phone numbers for SMS marketing. Effective signup forms are crucial for building a subscriber list, enabling segmentation, and facilitating targeted messaging in both email and SMS marketing campaigns. They often offer incentives like discounts or exclusive content to encourage sign-ups.
PRE Flows in our context refer to automated email and SMS sequences that are triggered before a conversion event occurs. These flows are designed to engage potential customers and guide them towards making a purchase. Examples of PRE Flows include the Welcome Flow, which is initiated when a new subscriber joins your mailing list; the Browse Abandonment Flow, triggered when a visitor views products but leaves without adding anything to their cart; and the Abandoned Checkout Flow, activated when a potential customer adds items to their cart but does not complete the purchase. Since PRE Flows play a crucial role in driving conversions, we emphasize the importance of regularly conducting A/B testing on different strategies to optimize their effectiveness.

POST Flows, in contrast, are automated email and SMS sequences that are activated after a conversion event, such as a purchase. These flows are aimed at enhancing customer experience and encouraging repeat business.

Common examples include the Thank You Flow, which sends a message of appreciation to customers after a purchase, and the Cross-Sell Flow, which recommends additional products based on the customer’s purchase history.


Our agency specializes in working with Klaviyo, an advanced email service provider (ESP), and we are proud to be Klaviyo Gold Partners. This partnership reflects our in-depth expertise and successful track record with Klaviyo’s platform, allowing us to deliver high-quality, tailored email and SMS marketing services. In terms of Content Management Systems (CMSs), we have a broad range of experience working with various platforms. We frequently collaborate with popular CMSs like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento, among others. Additionally, we are open to working with custom CMSs, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet the specific needs of your business.
Our agency offers three specialized services to support your email and SMS marketing endeavors: 
  1. Full Service Email Marketing (Hands Off): This service is ideal for clients looking for a comprehensive, hands-off approach to email marketing. Our expert team handles everything from strategy development to execution, including creating engaging content, managing campaigns, flows, and signup forms, as well as analyzing performance. This option is perfect for businesses seeking to enhance their email marketing effectiveness without the need for direct involvement in day-to-day management.
  2. Full Service Email & SMS Marketing (Hands Off): Expanding upon our email marketing expertise, this service integrates SMS marketing for a more holistic approach. We manage all aspects of your email and SMS marketing, ensuring a seamless and effective communication strategy across both channels. This service is tailored for businesses aiming to fully utilize the synerg
  3. One Time Flow Build Out: For clients who need initial setup assistance, we provide a one-time flow build out service. Our team designs and implements custom automated email and SMS flows tailored to your specific requirements. These can include welcome series, abandoned cart recovery flows, post-purchase sequences, and more. This service suits businesses that require professional setup of their automated marketing flows and prefer to manage them internally thereafter.
  • Full Team of Email and SMS Experts: Your plan includes access to a dedicated team of professionals who are well-versed in both email and SMS marketing. This team comprises a copywriter, graphic designer, implementor, quality assurance & data analytics specialist, account manager, and lifecycle strategist, all working together to understand and effectively represent your brand.

  • Comprehensive Email Account Strategy & Management: We provide end-to-end management of your email & SMS marketing strategy. This includes everything from conceptualization to crafting compelling copy, technical implementation, deliverability assurance, account health optimization, and ongoing management.

  • Analytical Oversight & Reporting: Our team closely monitors the performance of your brand’s campaigns, flows, and forms, focusing on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You will receive detailed analytics and reports to keep you informed about your marketing effectiveness.

  • Advanced Design & Copywriting Services: Our professional designers and copywriters create high-quality content for your emails, SMS messages, and signup forms. This content is tailored to align with your brand’s messaging and aesthetic.

  • Klaviyo Campaign Management: We collaborate with you to develop comprehensive campaign strategies. This includes setting goals, identifying target audiences, and crafting messaging. Our team also manages your campaign calendar, list segmentation, and conducts A/B testing for maximum engagement.

  • Klaviyo Flow & Signup Form Creation & Optimization: Our agency specializes in creating and optimizing Klaviyo flows and signup forms. We focus on strategic planning, personalization, segmentation, and A/B testing to ensure optimal performance for your brand.

  • Communication & Approvals: We prioritize clear and consistent communication, using Slack as our primary communication tool. This approach ensures smooth and quick interactions and approvals, providing transparency and accessibility throughout the process.

  • Meetings & Updates: We propose regular meetings (bi-weekly or monthly) through video platforms like Zoom or Google Meets. These meetings are designed to review progress, discuss strategies, and address any queries related to your brand. You also have the option to request weekly meetings if preferred.

Our pricing model is based on a unique concept known as ‘deliverables’. In our framework, one Full Deliverable is equivalent to the creation of one new email. This approach allows for clear and transparent billing, directly linked to the tangible output we provide. Additionally, we offer Half (1/2) and Quarter (1/4) Deliverables, which cater to services like A/B testing and SMS messaging. For a more detailed breakdown of our Full (1), Half (1/2), and Quarter (1/4) Deliverables, and how these are applied to different aspects of our services, we encourage you to contact us directly. This will allow us to provide you with a comprehensive and customized overview of our pricing structure, tailored to meet your specific marketing needs and objectives.
If your marketing needs exceed the number of deliverables included in your current plan, you have two flexible options to accommodate your requirements:
  1. Plan Upgrade: You can choose to upgrade your plan to include more deliverables on a monthly basis. This option is ideal if you anticipate a consistent need for increased email and SMS marketing services. Upgrading your plan ensures that your marketing efforts are seamlessly scaled to match your business’s growth and evolving needs.
  2. À La Carte Purchase: Alternatively, if you require additional deliverables occasionally or for a specific project, you can opt to purchase them on an à la carte basis. This option provides the flexibility to add deliverables as and when needed, without committing to a permanent plan upgrade.
The pricing for additional deliverables, whether through a plan upgrade or à la carte purchase, will be discussed at the time of your inquiry. We aim to provide clear and transparent pricing tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the right level of support at a fair cost.

By default, all of our plans operate on a month-to-month basis. This structure allows you the freedom to adjust your marketing services according to your current business needs, with the option to cancel at any time should your circumstances change.

We also offer discounted rates for clients who commit to longer durations. These discounts apply to both 6-month plans and annual plans. Opting for a longer-term plan not only provides cost savings but also ensures consistent, ongoing support for your email and SMS marketing strategies.

For more detailed information about the discounts available on our 6-month and annual plans, and to understand how they can benefit your business, we encourage you to contact us directly.